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Standard Duty / Pallet Handling Chain Conveyors. RC60 and RC80 chain conveyors are often used in typical pallet handling applications. Our pallet handling chain conveyor is manufactured with formed 4 gauge frames punched on a CNC controlled punched ensuring roller centers and hole locations to +/. We are here for your questions anytime 24/7, welcome your consultation.

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Example: Chain M 160F200 is a standard conveyor chain with solid pins, with a minimum tensile strength of 160 kN, flanged wheels and a pitch of 200mm. The drilled plates must be clearly defined in the order: inner, outer, number of holes, and frequency of these plates on the chain.Chain pallet conveyor UDC602 is a 2strand drag chain pallet conveyor designed to convey large loads such as pallets from point A to point B. The 2strand chain carries 3,000 pounds and is a continuous loop of heavy duty chain.

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The term “drag chain conveyor” is widely used throughout the material handling industry, There are two types of this bulk material handling equipment: standard drag chain conveyors and enmasse drag chain conveyors.Nonstandard Sprockets | Sprocket For Standard Conveyor Chain. As a Sprocket For Standard Conveyor Chain manufacturer and exporter based in China. we can design various nonstandard sprocket products according to you need tailormade sprockets, please tell us specifications such as the chain pitch, roller diameter, and desired teeth number.

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Conveyor chain can be manufactured to a number of different standards. 1. British Standard. The British Standard chain designed to meet the requirements of the British market as well as those where British engineering design and purchasing dominates. 2. International Organisation for Standardisation.Drag chain conveyors consist of heavy gauge formed chain rails with a welded steel frame, UHMW wear strips and adjustable heavyduty structural steel supports, our conveyor can withstand the daily demands of a tough environment. Standard speeds are 30, 45 and 60 FPM.Standard Conveyor Roller Chain Conveyor series roller chain from C2040 to C2100 and 81X series roller chain. We also offer C2062H and C2082H, that have oversized rollers for special applications.

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This Standard includes information for Steel Roller Type Conveyor Chains, Attachments and Sprocket Teeth: A series of roller links having steel bushings with rollers to contact the sprocket teeth, alternating with links comprised of sidebars and pins, which articulate in the steel bushings of the roller link.

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Conveyor Roller Chain Conveyor series roller chains are one of the most widely used types of chains in the world. Because of this, we stock almost every size and configuration ranging from ANSI, DIN, and ISO certified series chains.Direct Conveyors manufactures the most comprehensive portfolio of low profile conveyors in the industry. Providing both standard and custom designed conveyance solutions, we can improve your productivity and efficiency to lower your operating cost.

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Donghua USA conveyor chain meets the international standard (ISO) and other advanced industrial standard (DIN, ANSI, BS). ?2019 Donghua USA, Inc. Donghua UK K?BO (UK) Ltd. Donghua USA Inc.British Standard Conveyor Chain, British standard conveyor chain is the United Kingdoms ‘standard’ chain specification. The British standard conveyor chains are manufactured to imperial dimensions, with the pitch always measured in inches. The width of the chain is narrower than its European rivals and the round parts are not flatted.The conveyor chain is a staple in the food production and citrus industry, allowing large quantities of goods to be moved speedily from location to location. PEER Chain’s conveyor chains are available in a variety of corrosion resistant materials, including stainless steel and ProCoat.May 09, 2013· Modular standard components can be added or upgraded to a powered system. ZigZag? Monorail Enclosed Track Conveyor > ZigZag? Monorail Enclosed Track Conveyor is the industry standard for overhead enclosed track conveyors for material handling, finishing or storage and retrieval.

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Standard conveyor roller chain with attachments for conveyor applications are basically the same as power transmission roller chain, with the addition of attachments such as extended pins or integral flanges (often with holes).

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Conveyor Chains Standards. Standards for chains address the wide range of applications chains have in the conveyor field, from merely being components that convey power in other conveyor designs to being the main player.If you are interested in our products,please Free Consultation.

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