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UV Technology UltraAqua. UV Technology The UV technology is .The UV units for water treatment consist of a specialized low pressure lamp with Mercury indium amalgam. We are here for your questions anytime 24/7, welcome your consultation.

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Germicidal Lamp Basics 2013 Light Sources: UV

At an axial distance from the filament 5 an amalgam deposit 6 is provided which can consist, for example, of an indiummercury amalgam. This amalgam is particularly highly efficient in operating the UV lamp 2. The amalgam deposit 6 is placed on the inside of the quartz tube 3. The quartz tube 3 has a constriction 7. This constriction 7 is arranged at an axial distance from the helicalwound.Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is produced mainly by gas discharge lamps and lightemitting diodes (LEDs). Gas discharge sources Gas discharge sources are principally low pressure mercury lamps, manufactured as standard, amalgam or high output lamps, medium pressure mer.

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High efficiency Indium Amalgam lamps. These lamps are able to work at water temperatures of up to 60oC, where normal UV systems won’t operate. The lamps also lock the small amount of mercury always present in UV lamps in an amalgum making them much safer for the environment. Larger models are available on request. Smaller units for domestic purposes are detailed seperately. UV Water.WLR20, WLR30 with WEDECOSpektrotherm? technology (Indium amalgam) UV sensor calibrated according to ?VGW M58731 and DVGW W2943, 160° measuring angle accuracy 3 %, selectivity 240 – 290 nm > 90%, aging stability, temperature stability up to 70°C during continuous operation . Technical Data Spektron Series Rev. 3 Subject to change without notice 2/4 Electrical.Market driven growth opportunities in UV applications has required lamps with increased output. Challenged with maintaining the overall efficiency has lead to First Light Technologies’ development of higher power amalgam lamps for water and air disinfection applications.

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Flat UV Lamp Stainless Steel Housing Quartz Glass. 3 Information of innovative lamp technology Conventional round emitters are not ideal for surface disinfection as they apply only about 1/3 of the emitted radiation as direct radiation onto the surface. The rest of the UV energy reaching the surface gets there by reflection and which means there is significant energy loss. Our Indium Amalgam.

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An amalgam ultraviolet uv lamp does not contain liquid mercury like a standard low pressure mercury discharge lamp. In this type of ultraviolet UV lamp, the mercury is alloyed with the principle metal Indium forming an amalgam of the two metals. The amalgam is not dispersed throughout the lamp as free mercury like a normal ultraviolet lowpressure lamp, but instead it is placed and fixed at.PET Amalgam Lamps The PET UVXtender? lamp is doped with a mercury indium amalgam. This is viewed as a solid, PETver coloured material, located about 30cm from each end of the lamp, on the inner wall of the quartz.

DE102005026645A1 Ultraviolet Radiation Source For Food

Due to the flat geometry of the indium amalgam lamps in the module, Steribelt is optimally suited for use on conveyor belts. More than 35% of the UV energy is directly transferred to the surface to be sterilised which significantly enhances efficiency.§ A UV (ultraviolet) lamp that emits a significant portion of its radiative power in the UVC Band (100 to 280nm) Low Pressure Amalgam Lamps §Offer 3 to 4 times higher power density §Designed for stable operation over wide ambient temperature range; influence of ambient temperature is lower in contrast to standard and HO lamps Amalgam Lamp Types §Preferred lamp choice for longterm.LBX 90e – LBX 1500e: Ecoray? IndiumAmalgam UV lamps for higher ambient temperatures and longer lamp life UV Sensor Calibrated, ?VGW certified, daylight blind, accuracy ± 3%.Inner wall coating, essential for extended lifetime and excellent UV maintenance of Amalgam Lamps, is discussed and the latest developments in this field are presented. Background information on lamp envelope materials (Fused Silica, Softglass).

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The UV units for water treatment consist of a specialized low pressure lamp with Mercury indium amalgam filling that produces ultraviolet radiation at 254nm, very close to the optimum at 260nm. Compared to the lowpressure lamps, the mediumpressure lamps are poor producers of usable germicidal wavelengths.

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A universal immersion tube system in stainless steel for operation with low pressure lamps such as Indium amalgam high power lamps, with various powers and geometries for use in water and air.If you are interested in our products,please Free Consultation.

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